TRAUMAFESSIONS :: Reader Walt on Ghoulies


death of family pet! ghoulies

My cousin was sleeping over my house, and as kids are known to do, we decided to take all the sheets and blankets I had and create a “tent” that encompassed most of the room. We made sure to include my TV in our hideaway. On HBO was GHOULIES, and we were watching intently.

All of a sudden I hear my pet Cockatiel let out a horrible squawk and then a “thud.”

I popped my head out of our makeshift safe-haven to find Willie, feet-up at the bottom of the cage, now an ex-Cockatiel.

So from that day forward, every time I see the GHOULIES, I think of poor dead Willie and how I’ll never know if it was the crapatcular movie that killed my bird.

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15 years ago

Two Ghoulies entries on the front page…