The Curse


 THE CURSE is one strange little movie. Directed by American actor DAVID KEITH (FIRESTARTER) and produced by Italian gore Maestro LUCIO FULCI, this spaghetti-garnished hot dog, though sometimes heartburn inducing, is at least original in flavor. Slime oozing to the strums of a banjo being picked?…irresistible! WILL WEATON is Zack, a kid that’s learning that mixed families don’t always mean A VERY BRADY CHRISTMAS. He, along with kid sis Alice (real life sibling AMY WHEATON) are suffering through mom’s decision to wed a religious fanatic (CLAUDE AKINS) who comes complete with a fat bully son (CHRISTINE’s MALCOLM DANARE). One night, while mom is satisfying an itch step Dad won’t scratch with a hairy handyman, a meteor crashes. This giant glowing ball spews fluorescent junk across their farm and contaminates the water supply. Soon a bounty of giant veggies is produced and it seems like a gift from God. Unfortunately when any of the harvest is bitten into or sliced, maggots and slime pour out. Suddenly God’s gift looks more like a booby prize for mom’s indiscretions. Speaking of mom, she’s not looking so hot, giant horn-like zits are beginning to appear on her face and she’s acting kinda crazy. Did she really just sew her hand into the sock she was mending? Like most crazy people, mom is quickly hid away from company but soon step Dad and his mean son start to look peeked as well. (WILL and sis were smart enough to go off the farm’s crop as soon as the animals started acting wonky). As we get further along towards the climax, things get less and less heartland Americana and more and more blood soaked FULCI-cana. Mom literally ends up looking like a pile of shit and the scary step family gets all pig faced and starts brandishing pitchforks. At the eleventh hour Duke boy JOHN SCHNEIDER, a bespeckled water inspector, lends a helping hand, but by this point we’ve already seen the house change from real to a miniature model which can only mean one thing… kablooey! Based on THE COLOUR OUT OF SPACE by H.P. LOVECRAFT and filtered through a FULCI-funnel, KEITH’s kooky salute to flesh nausea makes up for its weaknesses with sheer good old fashion weirdness.indelible scenes

  • Mom gets a gross puss squirt in the eye from a tomato
  • Alice is attacked by chickens
  • Mom “connecting the dots” on her step son’s injured buttocks 
  • The aforementioned sock mending scene…
  • Cow explosion!
  • Looking like an ENERGY HOG Cyrus (DANARE) attacks Alice in her bedroom



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movies at midnight
14 years ago

How has this one slipped by me? I have to get my grubby hands on this now!

Thanks for the DVD heads up, unkle.

14 years ago

I rented the CURSE & CURSE II set expecting to be disappointed and alls I gotta say is the first one is really good! It may not be The Best Horror Movie Ever Made- but it was creepy and gross. What more can you ask for? It really has a High Ick Factor and I loved when the house (giving the house in CARRIE a run for its money) was all falling apart while Wil Wheaton was running through it at the end.

I didn’t think CURSE II was as good but it was pretty entertaining because just about everybody in it (minus Jamie MASH Farr) has been in other Horror movies so it was fun to play “Look! It’s the girl from POPCORN!”

14 years ago

obviously, eli roth has seen the curse cuz the ending of cabin fever totally rips off the curse (and many other films)…’don’t drink the water! its in the water!”