Traumafession By Proxy :: Kinderpal Mickster on Super Naturals

I have been searching several years for a commercial that traumatized my nephew when he was three years old. It was for hologram action figures called Super Naturals. As you will see in the commercial, a kid rips his head off to reveal a glowing wolf-man face. Poor Zac would run screaming, “Kid pull his head off!” to his bedroom. I wonder if other children were traumatized by this commercial?

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LaDracul (@ladracul)
12 years ago

It does look fake looking at it now, but I think I felt that commercial was creepy.
Still, that toy looks better than “Gormiti”…

Chris (@chris)
12 years ago

Man, they just don’t make cool toys like this anymore. My Pet Monster, Rocks & Bugs & Things, Madballs, Boglins, that slime stuff that used to stick to the carpet and came in bubblegum machines, and that one toyline where the characters looked like something outta the Cthulhu mythos (The Immortals maybe?)… so much cool, creepy stuff growing up.
Nowadays? Bah. Gimmie back the toys of the 80’s.

Antaeus Feldspar
Antaeus Feldspar (@antaeus-feldspar)
11 years ago

Chris, I think the toy line you’re talking about was Inhumanoids. I never had any of the toys but I loved the TV show when I could catch it!

ScrewedUpTeen (@screwedupteen)
4 years ago