Traumafessions :: Reader Propagatrix on The Devil & Daniel Mouse

I was nine when this was shown on T.V., and it’s been stuck in a dark recess of my brain ever since. As one of the comments [on Youtube] points out, “It’s PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE” for kids. (With JOHN SEBASTIAN, even!)

UNK SEZ: Thanks Props! I’m surprised nobody has brought this one up before, back in the day they used to show it on Halloween. THE DEVIL AND DANIEL MOUSE, like most things with the Devil in it, gave me some creeps as a kid too. Based on THE DEVIL AND DANIEL WEBSTER, this Faustian mouse tale got revamped for the big screen in the form of ROCK AND RULE (It also bears a striking resemblance to the cult musical THE APPLE!) How frickin’ cool is DEVIL AND DANIEL MOUSE? So cool that it was sampled for the BAUHAUS song Party of the First Part!

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12 years ago

I’ve always wondered where that sample came from.  Now, as a huge Bauhaus fan, I have to watch this movie!

12 years ago

Oh man, I loved all those old specials from Nelvana.