Traumafession:: Carmen P. on Ghosts of the Old West

I read a book as a child about ghost stories from the old West. I have bought a copy of the same book I remember from my school library, but there is ONE PHOTO in it that I SWEAR has been changed in the updated edition. I am wondering if anyone can confirm this. The book in question is called Ghosts of the Old West, published in 1976. I bought a newer copy. There is a story about a gal who haunts a stagecoach station. The picture accompanying it was TERRIFYING. A transparent girl in a bonnet with piercing eyes. Honestly, they may have changed it because it was so terrifying. If anyone remembers this photo- and I know if someone saw it they would never forget- can you please let me know????
Thank you!

UPDATE: It looks like Katherine G. found the image!

I have a collection of vintage books of ghost stories, among them 1976's Ghosts of the WildWest by Bruce and Nancy Roberts. The illustrations are spooky black and white photographs, some with double exposures indicating ghosts. Included is one that matches the described illustration and it does accompany a story about a woman haunting a stagecoach. Maybe the right one?

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3 years ago

Hi Carmen,

Using, the earliest copies of 'Ghosts of the Old West' I can find were published in 1988 and 1990. If your encounter with the book goes back further than that, could it have possibly been a similarly named book you read? The one that pops up all over is from 1968 called 'Great Ghost Stories of the Old West' the cover of which you can see here: