Traumafession:: Double L on Simon Drake & The Secret Cabaret

Hiya, great to see the site still going strong. I sent in one of my memories a few years back regarding a freaky TV commercial for soft drink Tango, and a few nights ago, I was trawling through Youtube for old TV shows I remember, when I stumbled across a show that really used to freak me out as a child and thought some of you might enjoy it.

Back in 1990, a late night TV magic show called The Secret Cabaret started on UK Channel 4, however, unlike all the family friendly magic shows on at the time, this was decidedly more adult. Combining gothic/heavy metal style, horror, and surreal imagery with violent illusions, stunts and footage from old freak shows and carnival attractions, this was really edgy stuff, especially in the UK at that time (Which was still quite conservative, with many horror films being banned or heavily edited).

The star was a magician called Simon Drake, a cross between Chris Angel and Penn & Teller, whose illusions were often incredibly bloody, such as being gutted on an operating table by a nurse with a chainsaw, all the while screaming and coughing up blood. Or punching his fist through a woman’s chest, ripping out her bloody heart. Fun stuff!

But all the gory illusions aside, the part that freaked me out the most was the intro. This was the bit that gave me the chills…

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