Name That Trauma:: Cindy G. on an Old Lady & Her Possessed Pool


I do not watch horror movies as a rule, because I like to sleep, however, there is one film in particular, that I know I saw as a child, that has stuck with me…. There is an old woman who sits in a chair in an upper room of the large house where the film takes place…there is also a swimming pool in the house that is possessed, and when people get in, it changes temperature or something and kills them. Sound familiar? Pretty sure I saw it on television in or around the early 1980s.

UNK SEZ: Hmmmm, I’m open to other suggestions but it sounds to me like you are talking about frequent trauma offender BURNT OFFERINGS. That one got me good as a kid too. Check out the trailer below and tell us if it looks familiar. Better yet, you can watch the full movie HERE.

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Tim Tylor
Tim Tylor (@tim-tylor)
7 years ago

Another possible fit might be “The Legacy”, 1978, which included a killer pool among other house-party-gone-wrong troubles.

Vicki T.
Vicki T. (@vicki-t)
7 years ago

“This House Possessed” has a self-boiling swimming pool and an old lady…I don’t think she lives there but she does get boiled. I made an account JUST so I could offer it as a suggestion. I have no idea who allowed me to watch this if I saw it in 1981, but they shouldn’t have!

ozne (@ozne)
7 years ago

Yeah, those were the two that came to mind as well: The Legacy and Burnt Offerings.

The Legacy freaked me out as a kid, especially the Daltry scene. I didn’t know what the hell was going on. I haven’t seen it since. I’ll have to revisit it.

smidget28 (@smidget28)
7 years ago

I was TERRIFIED of Burnt Offerings as a kid, especially that Hearse Driver. Of course, watching it now, it was good but not as terrifying….it’s what I thought of first when I read the above Name that Trauma.