Traumafession:: Dustin In Minnesota on Sesame Street’s Crack Master

I think I’ve read this one as a repeat offender, but I could be wrong. I know this traumatized quite a few of my generation, and it eventually was pulled from Sesame Street. This link probably won’t last long, so view it while you can.

It probably isn’t as scary as you remember it, but if you DO remember it, you probably remember being scared by it as a child. Enjoy the memory.

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Brother Bill
Brother Bill
8 years ago

Wow! I hope everyone appreciates how amazing it is to have this video FINALLY available for viewing (its been locked up in some haunted vault since it originally aired back in the 70s) I submitted this as a Name That Trauma not too long ago… and I know someone else on the web-o-sphere documented the great lengths they went to just to be able to VIEW the toon on some mysterious figure’s laptop.

7 years ago

Crack Monkey? Crack Master? I can relate. I used to imagine faces in watermarks on the ceiling of my bedroom. I even used that image in a short horror story I wrote and recently posted on my blog. Here it is, if you’d like to read it:

4 years ago

I remember this short all too well, and how it freaked me out as a kid. Although even at that age, I loved the way the voice sings “And this is all of you” and still do.