Traumafession:: Dustin in Minnesota on The Water Babies (1978)

Greetings, fear fans!

I had a memory trigger today that reminded me of one of my childhood fear films—1978’s The Water Babies, a half live action/half animated tale of a chimney sweep who jumps into a river to avoid accusations of theft—and discovers an underwater world there.

The part that always creeped me out was this floating face of this woman who would pop up in different parts of the film, always in different roles. The face was live action, superimposed over whatever else was going on at that time. I believe she played six different roles in the film, the creepiest of which was near the beginning. As Tom, the hero, was running from people falsely accusing him of theft, her face pops up in black and white and whispers, “Run, boy—run!”

To a young mind, disembodied floating faces can always give chills.

Dustin in Minnesota

UNK SEZ: Ack! I found the offering scene! It happens about 30 seconds into the segment below. You’re right, that lady is creepy as hell. She kinda acts like a whispering witch accuser and how dare she break the fourth wall and stare at me directly! Thanks Dustin! You always have interesting traumafessions!

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Dustin (@dustin)
7 years ago

Thanks for the vid link, unk!

Not exactly how I remembered it, but creepy nonetheless. I had pictured a floating face against a black background, or her face ghosted over the image of Tom running through the woods.

Thanks again!

tomkhagai (@tomkhagai)
7 years ago

Thank you Dustin. I thought I was the only one.

There’s a Coppertone Sunblock for kids called “Water Babies”. Just seeing it gives me the chills to this day.

bluegrasslass (@bluegrasslass)
7 years ago

The lady in question is the fabulous Billie Whitelaw, who was also the evil nanny in the original The Omen 🙂