Traumafession:: Eddie Quist on an elusive Monster Squad Music Video

Longtime reader Eddie Quist here. HUGE fan of the site. You guys did me a solid awhile back by identifying the movie-of-the-week FANTASIES for me, and I’m still grateful.

This isn’t really so much a Traumafession as a cry for help–some way to confirm that I didn’t dream this bizarro memory up. See, like many of your site’s regular readers, I’m a massive fan of Fred Dekker‘s THE MONSTER SQUAD, and, also like many of them, I discovered it in not in theatres but on cable (You guys had HBO but up here in Canada, we had First Choice and The Star Channel. Same diff. But I digress).

Anyway, some time before I saw SQUAD in its entirety, I became aware of its impending release from a segment on Entertainment Tonight. Now, my memories of this are a bit fuzzy, but I would swear that, from what I remember of it, the ET camera crew visited Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, the Wolfman, and the gang while they were shooting a music video to promote the film. It likely would have been for Michael Sembello’s awesome end-credits rap, but I don’t know for sure. What I DO know is that no trace of any kind of MONSTER SQUAD music video seems to exist, outside of the fan-made variety. It’s not on YouTube, it’s not a special feature on the DVD or Blu-Ray…any evidence of its existence is as elusive as Abraham Van Helsing’s diary

So here’s the thing–did I imagine it? Did I remember that segment incorrectly? Does anyone other than me actually remember seeing that ET segment? Has anyone affiliated with Kindertrauma, or any of your readers, ever heard of such a video? I suppose it’s possible that they started production on a music video to tie in with the film but cancelled it some time after Mary Hart or John Tesh or whoever visited the set. But I swear on my “Stephen King Rules” t-shirt that I saw the monsters dancing in unison before a camera crew. Am I delusional? Help me, Kindertrauma! You’re my only hope!

PS: The stupidest thing about all this is that I actually met Tom Noonan at this past year’s Festival Of Fear during Toronto’s Fan Expo and I didn’t think to ask him about it. As Frankenstein’s Monster would say, “BO-GUS!”

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9 years ago

I remember the music video!!!!

I have wondered about this myself, and actually looked it up a couple years ago, with no result.
I remember it vividly because I was incredibly frightened by the movie, and my brother was watching MTV late at night and this video came on.
I wanted to watch it, but I kept hiding my face in my blanket.

But yes, I remember there was a video…unfortunetely I don’t know what the song was.