Sunday Streaming :: Stake Land (2010)

Hey, remember back in the good old days when every Sunday we’d spotlight films on Netflix Streaming and we called it STREAM WARRIORS? But then it stopped happening because I was half lazy and half hated the name STREAM WARRIORS. Well now here it comes again, except I’m calling it something else and instead of forcing myself to focus on three movies a week, I plan to just do one. One is enough. I’m sorry, I don’t know what I’m doing on the Internet. I’m not a chatty person.

Hooray STAKE LAND is available on Netflix Streaming! This is a perfect flick to talk about because it’s a movie I would never have taken a chance on unless someone told me to. The reason I would have probably stayed away is because who needs another vampire flick and who needs another apocalyptic road movie and who needs to see everybody running around trying to act cool? I don’t. I’d usually much rather watch a movie about a talking doll or pissed off animals that have gone crazy. Meanwhile everything I prejudged about STAKE LAND based on its packaging and subject matter was way off. This movie creates an impressive, believable world and occupies it with people that you can’t help grow to care about. It’s a grounded in a way that movies rarely are anymore and it leaves you feeling like you’ve actually experienced something. Plus KELLY McGILLIS is in it. Aren’t you in the mood to see her today? I’m telling you, it’s perfect for a Sunday afternoon so believe me. There, I’m done. That wasn’t so bad. See ya next Sunday! Also: Do let us know if you’ve caught any good fish in the Netflix sea yourself!

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9 years ago

I’m glad you got around to seeing “Stake Land”, unkle lancifer. It was entertaining and the character development sucks you in. I had to do a double take when my eyes made out McGillis. She didn’t age very well, which is why I didn’t recognize her at first. Still, I never thought she’d be in a modern horror movie. Good for her.

May I suggest another Netflix streaming title that may appeal to other horror fiends: “Moon of the Wolf (1972)” with David Janssen and Barbara Rush.

Plot: “When a young girl is found dead on the property of a rich couple, a small bayou town blames feral dogs, only to slowly suspect a much deeper mystery.”

9 years ago

I’m glad the Netflix streaming posts are back again! There were a few flicks from before that you guys recommended that were fun to watch. This looks like a nice find.. its a shame.. I feel like the Netflix streaming selection is constantly disappointing to everyone I know except me.

A few up now worth checking out..

Jack’s Back – A fun mystery/horror with James Spader and a Jack the Ripper copycat.

Deranged – Great Ed Gein inspired madness.

VHS – Watched this last October and loved it.. might wanna take some Dramamine beforehand though. 🙂