TRAUMAFESSIONS :: Reader Jeff M. on Clash of the Titans

Dirty gorgon porn! Shame on you jeff!

Medusa in CLASH OF THE TITANS slithered her way into my brain and stayed there. It was not that she was so scary to look at; it was the fact that if you looked at her you turned to stone...and she was topless! In my pathetic, adolescent teenage boy mind I was convinced that if I ever found myself in the same situation as Perseus that I would NOT be able to resist looking. Stupid I know, but sort of like a person who's afraid of heights because they secretly fear they might jump. For some reason this imagined weakness on my part kept me up at night. I'm married now and the female anatomy holds slightly less mystery. In fact, my wife forced me to send this in. She makes fun of me about it every chance she gets.

Jeff, Tell your wife to stop poking fun! That Gorgon was a veritable vixen! In fact, thanks to our local library's supply of back issues of CELEBRITY SLUETH magazine, We uncovered THIS X-RATED IMAGE from her forgotten early modeling career. Don't show it to wifey!

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15 years ago

Good one. I also think it would be hard not to look, just because it's so forbidden. And the inability to resist a peek at anything topless, no matter how repulsive or how dire the consequences, should not be underestimated when you're 13 years old.

Her acid blood eating away at the magic shield also gave me the heebie jeebies.

James Newman
15 years ago

New KINDERTRAUMA fan chiming in:

Ha! Great entry. And I'd be lying if I said I couldn't relate . . . just a little . . . .


5 years ago

This actually reminds me of something weird. Back in the 90s, my favorite Rocko episode was the episode where he visited his uncle Gib Hootsen at his cattle ranch. For some reason, I had a crush on Gib. I don't know why; it could've been his singing voice or his laugh when Rocko didn't know how to rope. Or it could've been his voice in general, I guess I had a thing for Southern accents? And we can't forget he didn't smile for half the entire episode. I dunno; it's just your tween boy self's thoughts about Medusa being topless that reminded me of my 6 year old self's crush on Gib Hootsen. Of course, I got over it; after my neighbor hid my Rocko VHS tapes from me because I was touching myself to him (he was in a promo for the tape his episode was on) and explained to me he was married. Kids are weird.