Traumafessions :: Reader Rexx on the Bowling Reaper

Growing up in Australia in the eighties I was subjected to an AIDS awareness commercial at a young age that featured a robed Grim Reaper bowling for victims. I was not really old enough to understand much of what was going on but it used to strike real fear in my heart. It’s not quite as humorous as the stuff you guys usually show, but I think you’ll agree it’s pretty terrifying.

UNK SEZ: Geez, you Aussies actually went there with the spinning baby!!! Between this, the BUNYIP SONG from DOT AND THE KANGAROO and PRISONER CELL BLOCK H, I’m beginning to think Australia is the new Transylvania!

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Amanda By Night
14 years ago

I think it’s scarier that people act now like AIDS doesn’t exist. This was an effective ad. My mom was from Australia. I know this would have made her proud (she did have such a dark side!).

14 years ago

Yikes! That is a scary PSA! Definitely makes you take notice.

aunt john
14 years ago

I really didn’t think he was going to get that spare in the second frame.

13 years ago

Growing up in Australia, I was never traumatized by this commercial, but I did think it was fantastic.

The high shot of dozens of Grim Reapers bowling in the smoky bowling alley got me running to the Tv every time the ad came on.

The spinning baby is gold.

Most countries didn’t tell their citizens that AIDS will make babies spin. It was probably better not to know.