TRAUMAFESSIONS :: Reader Bilgin on Suspiria

When SUSPIRIA first came out, I remembered seeing the trailer for it on TV. All you would see is a woman brushing her hair from behind and her singing, “Roses are red, violets are blue, the iris is a flower…..(something, something) SUSPIRIA!! After that, every time it came on, my sister and I would run from the room. Needless to say, since my mom was a horror lover we ended up seeing it at a matinee. I was 9 and my sister was 6.

Editor’s note: That “something, something” was “The iris is a flower…that will mean the end of YOU!” as far as trailers and TV ads go this is one of the creepiest ever. Check it out!

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14 years ago

My sister hates Horror and I love it (go figure) and one day we were talking about stuff that scared us as kids and she said “You were too young to remember this but there was a movie called SUSPIRIA……and the commercial terrified me”
Now I was too young to remember the COMMERCIAL, but I actually OWN the DVD for SUSPIRIA and have watched it half a dozen times! The next day I went on YOU TUBE and fowarded her the commercial at work. Hahaha.

14 years ago

I was “introduced” to this TV trailer back in 1977 during a commercial break for “Welcome Back Kotter”.  I first thought it was some surreal shampoo commercial until “she” turned around!  It was one of those “heart leap into throat” scares!  I was 10 when that came out and everytime it was on I would run out of the room while my 7 year old sister would RUN into the room to watch it!