Traumafessions :: Chris Moore on Carrie’s Prayer Closet

By the time I was 5 or 6, I had already seen Psycho, House of Wax, and House on Haunted Hill (the originals of course!) One night, Psycho was on a double bill with the Brian DePalma classic Carrie on TBS Superstation. My mom decided to let me stay up and watch it, figuring, I guess, if he can make it through Psycho, he can make it through Carrie.

WRONG! I was fine up until Margaret White drags her poor child, Carrie, into the dark prayer closet. What caused me to run out the room screaming was that St. Sebastian statue in there with Carrie. The way its horrified green/yellow-ish eyes looked into your soul, judging you…the candle light flickering…the organ music! It was just too much! I HATED organ music as a child. There was nothing scarier.

UNK SEZ: Thanks for another great traumafession Chris! Folks can check out Chris’ previous traumafessions HERE and HERE and remember, you can watch his movie PERVERSION any time you like over HERE!

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Ben Sher
11 years ago

It seemed like CARRIE was *always* on TV in the ’80s and ’90s. I first saw it as a double feature with AUDREY ROSE on Fox. It was wonderful. Other than its spot-on revelation of the many evil social structures that make up humanity, the St. Sebastian statue is definitely the scariest thing in the movie!

David Fullam
11 years ago

Carrie is one film not to be watched at a young age. It will mess you up for life.

Francene Beck
11 years ago

I saw it at the drive in when I was very young. I was scarred by that first scene. I was terrified of puberty.

5 years ago

I always thought that statue was supposed to be Jesus! xD I thought it was done incorrectly because of the arrows and the lack of a crown of thorns.