TRAUMAFESSIONS :: Reader Devon on The Pit

THE PIT used to freak me out when I was a kid. Those trolog things that lived down in a hole in the ground that the kid, Jamie, started talking to and then started feeding people to them. I remember just being scared of the trologs, glowing eyes and all that, kinda hairy Bigfoot type creatures. Also the talking bear with glowing eyes was pretty creepy too. Some funny parts to me as I watch it now are the grandma getting thrown into the pit after Jamie pushes her there in her wheelchair, and just Jamie being a pervert peeking at girls all over the place.

Uncle Lancifer says: Devon, that Jamie kid was an oddball, and THE PIT is one of our favorite “Kids Who Kill” movies. Expect to see more of him in these pages in the future, good pick!

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13 years ago

I LOVE this movie! HAD the VHS. HAVE the DVD. Will never part with it.