TRAUMAFESSIONS :: Reader P ‘orour Ingi on The Yulemen

The holidays may be over but here is one last creepy seasonal greeting care of a reader in Iceland whose name we are afraid we may have mangled. (It’s not our fault our lowly keyboards don’t even have those fancy letters and that’s the closest we could get! ) Oh well, serves you right “P.I.” for being so late with your holiday gift!

Sure, Americans have stuff like SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT and CHRISTMAS EVIL, but old Icelandic folk tales speak of 13 yulemen, not the ho-ho-ing Saint Nick you all know, but mean spirited demons that stole and killed. Their mother, “Gryla” was a cannibalistic ogre that stole naughty kids and put them in her bag. Her humongous cat ate them. These old stories have been fed to us icelandic kids for centuries, and no one has really thought about how seriously fucking disturbed they are and how traumatizing they are! Heres a trailer for a recent horror-short on the subject, “UNHOLY NIGHT

“P.I” even sent us a video! (Not to mention the above pic). How cool is he? O.K., we promise by next Xmas we’ll have spruced up, Icelandic friendly keyboards to accommodate our new pal!

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