TRAUMAFESSIONS :: Reader Kim D. on Barbarella

The scariest dolls are the ones in BARBARELLA. They make horrible clacking sounds and they have metal teeth. My older brother was in love with this movie for obvious reasons but it scared the crap out of me! I just remember them biting into JANE FONDA‘s legs and I loose it.

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15 years ago

I had nightmares when I was little about those damned dolls!

Raymond Fernandez
11 years ago

Those dolls were as scary as all those kids haircuts! I was terrified! wasn’t to fond of the labyrinth either. The wandering orchid munching zombies freaked me out. The great moments of this campstravaganza was the smiley face on the ice manta that pulled the barb and the great tyrants 2 nieces. The voice of the great tyrant herself (do you want to play pretty pretty?) and her spinning daggers (still can see the dagger copied in various movies) and of course the Excessive machine (orgasmatron) and the exaltation transferance pills (sex pills) t hat sounded like a popcorn popper. I also loved the music