Traumafessions :: Knarf Black of Video Updates on Ghostbusters

I was a massive GHOSTBUSTERS fan as a child and watched the cartoon show religiously; catching my first glimpse of Cthulhu and getting freaked out by the Sandman. One episode was particularly horrifying, though I can’t remember much of the plot. Egon’s soul had been kidnapped by some nasty spooks, and while the rest of the team prepared a rescue, the ghosts bided their time by stretching the soul out like a canvas and using it like a trampoline. As a tot, I was terrified both by the thought of evil spirits stretching and jumping on me, and by the existential horror of somehow having one’s soul abducted in the first place.

AUNT JOHN SEZ: For some really nice “spoilers, salty language, and occasional NSFW imagery” from Knarf Black, be sure to check out VIDEO UPDATES!

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unkle lancifer
14 years ago


I’ve spent the better part of the morning checking out “Video Updates”. What a great site! Your review of “Shocker” is amazing. Thanks for exposing me to “The Telephone Book” too. I have never even heard of that one. Count me in as a fan and I will be back!

14 years ago

I enjoyed Ghostbusters like any kid my age, but for years I could only remember one episode of Ghostbusters clearly:  the one with the ghost that rides around on the sled, calling out, “Rosebud.”

As an adult, I saw Citizen Kane, and of course I remembered right off the bat.  I was pissed that the whole mystery of Rosebud’s identity was spoiled for me by a Ghostbusters episode.

(Although, this could be an argument for the benefit of watching more cartoons:  it can be educational, Mom)