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Thank you for your fantastic website. I love it, and it reassures me that I’m not the only one who loves spooky stuff from my childhood!

I have a Traumafession of my own. Not sure if anyone will remember this, and I haven’t seen it since it was broadcast in 1983 (I was nine at the time), but this was a BBC Scotland mini series called THE MAD DEATH. It was about a rabies outbreak in the U.K. which was in the news at the time. I remember a guy catching the disease from a fox and becoming hydrophobic. He kept staring at a decanter of water in someone’s house and was just terrified of it.

I remember being really scared at the idea that something so mundane could become a source of such horror. Also, the opening titles (I wish they were on YouTube!) have stuck in my memory, even after 27 years. It was a fox’s head on a black background, but the face was sort of swirling and pulsating. I’d love to see it again, to check if it is as scary as I remember it.

Another thing I thought I might mention is that I just produced an episode of my podcast on the 1973 T.V. movie DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK. I know that’s the sort of thing that traumatized many kids! I’m an ordained Baptist Minister from the U.K. who presents a podcast on horror. A little odd I know, but I basically review a horror film, and then offer a sort of spiritual reflection on it.

Anyhoo, I thought I’d mention it in case you thought it might be of interest to your readers. (The religious commentary bit is in a separate episode to the film review so people can just skip that stuff if they’re not interested).

You can find it at

Thanks again for a great site,


UNK SEZ:: Thanks for the traumafession Peter and thanks for introducing me to THE FLICKS THAT CHURCH FORGOT! I spent the better part of last weekend listening to your podcasts and I was thoroughly impressed! They’re informative, funny and brimming with fresh insights on films that I thought I had heard every possible take on!

I admit it, when you said you were an ordained minister I prepared myself for something dry and preachy and I couldn’t have been more wrong. You do an incredible job capturing just what makes movies like CARRIE, THE HOWLING and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME so special and your two-parter on HOUSE OF THE DEVIL was spot-on brilliant! I found the three part series reconciling Christianity and Halloween not only fascinating but imbued with the type of rational, common sense that the world could use plenty more of.

Horror fans, listen to your Unkle Lancifer: No matter your religious views, if you’re looking for an original perspective on the horror genre look no further than THE FLICKS THAT CHURCH FORGOT!

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12 years ago

Well done. Always good to be introduced to something new (otherwise I never would have found Kindertrauma). I applaud you Peter, I wish there were more like you in the church.

12 years ago

If you’ve ever seen a real rabies infected animal, (I have) they’re anything but mundane 🙁

unkle lancifer
12 years ago


Don’t worry, I think you misread that…

I think Pete was saying that the decanter of water was “mundane”.

12 years ago

Well that’s a horse of a different color, then…