Traumafessions :: Reader Bill P. on the Warner Brothers Logo

Over the space of three of five years, I associated the Warner Brothers logo from the ’70s and early ’80s with fear itself. At least three films were to blame for this: SALEM’S LOT, THE SHINING and THE EXORCIST.

On each occasion, when that weirdly abstract logo showed up, my Mom said, “Time for Bed,” and that the grown-ups were watching a SCARY MOVIE, and I would have bad dreams if I saw any of it. Of course, by then, I felt I had already seen part of it. And it was BAD. Given the time line and setting, THE SHINING and THE EXORCIST must have been cable broadcasts.

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12 years ago

I’m watching that montage and thinking how cool it would have been if the Looney Tunes shorts had opened with the “Dies Irae” from Verdi’s Requiem instead…

12 years ago

Unless I’m mistaken, each of those three had that very-70s black Warner Bros. logo with the red background that makes me think of murder.

12 years ago

The only time that WB logo gets me frightened is if “Willy Wonka/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” is on, and I grab the remote to change the channel, pronto. (Do not like.)