Traumafessions :: Reader Brain Katcher on Chick Tract “Holy Joe”

When I was very young, I found this gory war comic at my grandparents’ house. I couldn’t read all the words, but did get the gist: A group of soldiers locked in combat with the Japanese (in retrospect they were actually VC). The buck-toothed, rat-faced enemy guns down our heroes. In an odd departure for a combat story, the saga continues as their souls rise up to God for their final judgment.

Two panels especially frightened my young self: A picture of two soldiers’ bullet-riddled corpses and a image of a soldier cradling the head of his dead companion. He was positioned in such a way that it looked like the head wasn’t attached to anything.

Years later, in college, I came across the same comic. Guess what? It wasn’t a comic, but a damn Jack Chick religious tract! Some might say it was even more disturbing in that light. You can read the whole thing HERE!

Brian Katcher

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unkle lancifer
11 years ago

Thanks for the traumafession Brain K!

When we started Kindertrauma I didn’t even know those lil’ religious comic books had a name but Chick Tracts have come up around here again and again.

You are not alone, they have really made a traumatic impact!

11 years ago

I’ve been unfortunate enough to stumble upon Chick propaganda and I’m convinced he’s a frustrated horror movie script writer.