Traumafessions :: Reader Carrie Jo on The Lost Saucer

I heard that Bob Dylan song Lay Lady Lay last night and my brain suddenly flashed an image of Lady Elaine from MISTER ROGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD. A traumatic thing, no doubt. I didn’t realized I harbored that association. Needless to say I just had to Google her and that’s when I came upon Kindertrauma for the first time.

I quickly posted the URL to Facebook to share with my peeps. Since last night we have all been trolling your web site, revisiting our nightmares. It has been a moving experience.

One thing I looked for but didn’t find is THE LOST SAUCER a series included in the SATURDAY MORNING WITH SID & MARTY KROFTT show.

JIM NABORS is a Mr. Creepy (like most biology teachers) and RUTH BUZZI is simply not someone I would want to spend any time alone with. In this show they are in robot suits (‘Actually, we’re androids.’) and piloting a space ship (saucer) that lands on earth. Here they befriend two kids – a white girl who is babysitting a little black boy. White girl is all responsible and wants to go home while little man is all hip and cool and digs the ‘flying pinball’ machine and is in no hurry to get back home (he knows it will be bed time soon). Before they can turn the saucer around (ha!) and head back to Earth, in comes the scariest fucking thing in TV in the ’70.s DORSE! The biogenically engineered half dog-half horse monster!

Dorse was supposed to be this cute lovable robots-best-friend thing but was in fact a very scary beast with rag-mop fur and a velvet covered hobbyhorse head. Yeah, I knew it was a full-grown man in a suit, but that just made it even worse. Somehow I knew that adults who dressed up in costumes to make kids feel ‘comfortable’ was sinister, I knew there must be an ulterior motive for wanting to make kids feel ‘comfortable’ (re: distracted, easy to manipulate). This show – that DORSE – scared the crap out of me. Two adults dressed like robots (‘Actually, we’re androids.’) with another guy in a dog/horse suit who KIDNAP two kids on a ‘saucer’? C’mon! And wasn’t JIM NABORS a Mormon??????

Thanks for the great site!

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13 years ago

I don’t know if Mr Nabors was a mormon. He was gay.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.

13 years ago

Totally forgot about Dorse. Didn’t they encounter a chicken/elephant at one point?

Amanda By Night
13 years ago

My boyfriend is the ULTIMATE Sid and Marty Kroft fan, so he must have heard of this, but I’m going to ask him. He’s also, like, the world’s biggest Jim Nabor’s fan too… who knew?!?

I actually helped Ruth Buzzi at the bookstore I worked at. Very quick exchange, but I was thrilled and she looked FANTASTIC!