Traumafessions :: Reader Elizabeth G. on The Cat From Hell

I remember when I was little in the early 90’s my dad and older siblings were watching something on T.V., I believe it was called THE CAT FROM HELL. The only thing about it I remember is at the end the cat kills this person by crawling in their mouth and down their throat. I think it eats the person’s heart, but that might have just been what I was told. I can remember you could see the cat moving around inside the person and it really freaked me out.

UNK SEZ: Thanks Elizabeth! THE CAT FROM HELL is actually the second story in the anthology horror movie TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE: THE MOVIE. That film began life as CREEPSHOW 3 but its title was changed by producers to take advantage of the notoriety of the television series TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE. That particular segment was directed by genre legend GEORGE ROMERO and adapted from a short story by none other then the master himself STEPHEN KING!

NOTE: This bottom image was borrowed from DEADLANTERN.COM, they have a great list over there called KITTIES OF HORROR check it out HERE.

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Jeff Allard
14 years ago

I love The Cat From Hell! Tales from the Darkside is one of my favorite anthology movies. Three stories, all solid, with a satisfying wraparound story. And I love KNB’s effects work here – the mummy is by far the coolest that I’ve seen in a modern movie.

14 years ago

I actually found the whole show on You Tube. It reminded me how it wasn’t really the cat that scarred me, it was actually the guy in the wheelchair. I had nightmares about him coming to my house and killing our black cats. Lol I was a strange child.

13 years ago

The “Cat..” segment of TFDTM was the only scene in any flick that actually almost made me throw up.. The noises.. the idea of something crawling down someone’s throat.. the visuals.. Ugh.. Still a good movie though..