Traumafessions :: Reader Erczilla on Friday the 13th

If there are any advantages to having alcoholic father, one is the utter lack of parental guidance on what movies a kid is allowed to watch. My father took my older sister and I to see a double feature of FRIDAY THE 13TH and SCREAMERS. It was 1980, so that would have made me seven years old and my sister nine. I remember wanting to see SCREAMERS because people were supposed to be turned inside out! My father took us to the theater and gave me a handful of quarters so I could go to the lobby and play video games if the movie got too scary for me. Needless to say, I spent most of FRIDAY THE 13TH in the lobby.  I could tell that the movie was coming to an end by the peaceful music that was coming from the theater, so I decided to take a seat next to my sister and Dad. The image of a woman in a small boat floating along a still lake was being projected on the screen. It seemed like the worst was over. The next thing I know is that my eyes were being assaulted by the disfigured Jason popping up out of the water and pulling the hapless woman down into the lake. My sister began screaming uncontrollably and I was practically crawling under the seat out of fear and embarrassment of my sister. My Dad picked us both up, one in each arm, and carried two screaming kids out of the theater. We laugh about it now, but we were scared half to death! I never did get to see SCREAMERS!

UNK L SEZ: Erczilla, as traumatic as that final scene may have been you should be thankful that good old Jason spared you the misery of sitting through SCREAMERS! That movie’s “Man Turned Inside-Out” ad campaign was all a disguise to hide an Italian film about an island of fishmen! For a better view of that film’s super fishy history, check out this great blog, JOHNNY LARUE’S CRANE SHOT and for a very thorough review of the film (which actually has developed a bit of a cult following), I suggest BADMOVIES.ORG!

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13 years ago

I’m not a big fan of the whole FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise…but that one scene at the end of the first one was frickin GREAT!

13 years ago

That’s a great story about “Screamers”.  I love the whole Italian/American, American/Italian marketing and distribution shenannigans of the 80’s video age.

Someone needs to do a Traumafession of terrifying 80’s video sleeves.

unkle lancifer
13 years ago

We actually did get a traumafession about the VHS cover for CREEPERS!

If anybody has any other tales about creepy VHS boxes we would love to hear them!