Traumafessions :: Reader Francisco on Living Dolls, Killer Pigs and a Mummy Found in the Sea

Hey I’m Francisco from Spain! I hope you excuse my poor English, I have recently discovered your site and it is the most interesting and amusing site I have read in a time. I’ve got not so much film or TV kindertraumas from my childhood because I was a very sensitive boy and tried to avoid those issues but reading about WHY ME? or PIGMON on your site are traumatizing enough. As a child and even as a teenager I’ve had fear of gore, sea monsters or shark films, other films with disfigurations or people burning…and rats.

Ok, some videos from YouTube I think could be interesting for your web page…

I’m afraid of seeing it every time I try.

It’s from a Mexican film by RENE CARDONA JR. called THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE with JOHN HO\USTON and some European beauties and Mexican actors, I saw it as a child in a summer exhibition but it impresses me even more as an adult, an excellent film of psychological horror covering issues like the Bermuda Triangle, Atlantis, UFO, sea monsters and living dolls.

In the post about RAZORBACK you talk about killer pigs, take a look at minute 2.00 aprox… it’s EL CARNAVAL DE LAS BESTIAS from spanish actor and filmmaker JACINTO MOLINA aka PAUL NASCHY, this horror thriller was coproduced with Japan in 1980.

More things, TV movies from the ’70s and ’80s, have you written about DON’T GO TO SLEEP, on the site? and do you remember, I have seen it more or less recently, but don’t remember the title, a TV movie from 1978 with a passenger ship in the Caribbean that found an Egyptian mummy in the bottom of the sea?

Again a very interesting site, keep on it!

Greetings from Spain,


UNK SEZ: Thanks Francisco for your supportive words and for the cool and very creepy videos! To answer your questions, we are big fans of 1982’s DON”T GO TO SLEEP and talked about it HERE and HERE and the movie about the mummy on the passenger ship from 1978 is called CRUISE INTO TERROR. That one sure has an amazing cast including DIRK BENEDICT, CHRISTOPHER and LYNDA DAY GEORGE, JO ANN HARRIS of THE BEGUILED, LEE MERIWETHER, JOHN FORSYTHE, STELLA STEVENS and even my favorite human RAY MILAND! You can read a bit more on that one at our pal Amanda’s MADE FOR TV MAYHEM over HERE! Que tenga un buen dia!

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11 years ago

Whoa! You know, I’ve heard that pigs will devour a person if given the chance, but I don’t think that I’ve ever actually seen it in a film before! Are these pigs possessed by evil spirits or are they just hungry?

And the “living doll” – freaky. Good finds, Francisco.

11 years ago

Ray Milland is one of my favorite human beings too! I can’t really put my finger on why I’m obsessed with him, but I think it has too do with Milland’s high-brow approach to all the low-brow material he was given. The site of him in THE MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES wearing a lab coat, smoking a cig, and sharing a martini with his fellow lady scientist while they look into microscopes and delve into the mysteries of x-ray vision always makes me smile. When I found out he was in your recent reveiw of BLACK NOON, I ran to YouTube post haste. I need to now find CRUISE INTO TERROR!

Francisco Ponce Palmero

hey chuckles72, I don’t remember any supernatural element on the film so I guess these pigs were just hungry…

the site of amandabynight looks very interesting too, sometimes made for tv films or based on real facts stories are more traumatizing