Traumafessions :: Reader Heather on the Tristar Pegasus

I was afraid of many things as a child, but nothing proved to traumatize me more than the old Tristar opening before movies with the Pegasus running towards the screen. I can honestly say that I have never watched that little 15 second opening all the way through. When I was young, I was convinced that if I watched it all the way through, the Pegasus would jump through the TV and attack me. (Which makes no sense, seeing as the Pegasus of mythology was a good creature and I knew this, being a mythology nerd from a young age.) I would run out of the room or hide behind a couch as soon as I heard the highly recognizable music. Everyone in my family found this amusing, but at the time I was scared to death.

A few years back, I got bored and popped in an old VHS tape I hadn’t watched in years. As I stood in the middle of my room contemplating fast forwarding, I heard the music and saw the Pegasus head enter the screen. I lost my breath, my chest tightened, and the sense of doom I felt was overwhelming. The Tristar Pegasus caused an irrational minor panic attack. You think I would be over this by now, but to this day, at 23, I cannot watch that opening.

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Amanda By Night
14 years ago

I’m a little less ashamed to admit that I used to get (very) freaked out by the United Artists logo and music. It just seemed so ominous…

Jeff Allard
14 years ago

Yes! The old UA logo used to freak me out, too! Whenever I’d hear that creepy piano music and see the UA logo slowly turning around, even if it preceeded a comedy, I always felt a little unsettled.

14 years ago

I’m petrified of the old TriStar logo too! I’m glad it’s not just me. Thank you Heather!