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Traumafessions :: Reader Kim S. on A Claymation Christmas Celebration

December 11th, 2008 by aunt john · 4 Comments

The WILL VINTON CHRISTMAS CLAYMATION SPECIAL gave me nightmares for years. My mom and sister watched it every year and I was given no choice but to destroy the video. I mean what twisted human creates a Christmas Special for kids hosted by two Dinosaurs named Rex and Herb, and then does a scene of bells ringing with an evil creepy old hunched back man. Seriously, dinosaurs…WTF!

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12 years ago

That was one of my favorites as a girl, as the two hosts thought the Wassailing song was about Waffles. To this day, I sing “Here we go a-Waffling”.

12 years ago

Will Vinton, Traumatizer? Can we make it Official?

There’s certainly no denying his brilliance but why does he have to make everything he does so dang creepy? To quote Kim, “WTF!”

12 years ago

My top claymation scares would have to be (1) “The Chimes”, a Dickens Christmas story that featured horrific demons in a bell tower, and “The Adventures of Mark Twain”, which I seem to remember featuring Satan himself…. man, claymation could be terrifying!

11 years ago

Are you freaking serious? there are far more worse things to truamatize children than this masterpiece. Maybe your fears come from some deep rooted issues you can’tr quite manager to uncover? This will always stand out as a chilfhood classic of the 80s. When television didn’t suck.