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Traumafessions :: Reader Holly S. on Disco Frog

March 5th, 2011 by aunt john · 5 Comments

Hi there,

Just found your site a few day ago and LOVE it! I was inspired to look up something that disturbed me as a child. A SESAME STREET shorty called “Disco Frog.” I ran screaming out of the room when this came on, and even asked the TV repair man if he could remove it from our T.V.!

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Joanna Boese
9 years ago

I actually know of someone who LOVED that ‘holographic’ Kermit in this vid…

David Fullam
9 years ago

And we wonder why Disco died?

9 years ago

Wow. That is disturbing. It’s like zombie disco with a frog.

unkle lancifer
9 years ago

It looks like they did a non phantasm version for the muppet show too….

Jami JoAnne Russell
9 years ago

Disco never died, David! Disco music rules! Rap drools!