Traumafessions :: Reader Isabella on Grease

Not sure if this would EVER come across as more than a “WTF?” type of moment, but I have held a confession for over 20 years. Most kids would have been scared of Freddy Krueger (don’t get me wrong. Uncle Freddy is not exactly babysitting material), or even the part in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video where he turns into a werewolf (admit if, folks. You got a little spooked). NOPE. Not I! My trauma had to come from everyone’s favorite T-Bird, Pink Lady lovin’ movie GREASE.

In the opening of the movie, the signature “Paramount” mountain appears and then the orchestrated violins begin to play while the the sea splashes against the rocks on the side. THEN the choir opens up with “The Sound Of Music” lyrics. By the time you could say, “Hey, where is she running to?” my 5 year old self stuffed in a sleeper onsie (with the feet, thankyouverymuch), was already in the bathroom, covering my ears and hoping that somebody will come to find me and let me know the “song” was over.

To this day, now that I have a 5 year daughter of my own who ADORES this movie, I still cringe at the opening sequence. This time, though, I’m not running into the bathroom, screaming “TURN IT OFF!!!!

My therapist is so happy about my progress.

Hopelessly devoted to you,


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10 years ago

LOL This is awesome. I’m not making fun of you specifically, but I’m always amused at the things that freaked us out as kids. I used to get freaked out by this live action clip on Sesame Street in the early 80s with a koala bear sleeping in a tree and this creepy sounding guy singing “Rockabye Baby”. I’d RUN from the room. But you know the theme that the chorus sings in GREASE, is actually the song “Love is a Many Splendored Thing”, not from The Sound of Music…

10 years ago

That Paramount Mountain with loud orchestral music has put scares in little kids. Some of us here, including myself, have been freaked out as toddlers by simple TV logos and their accompanying music. The big one for many is the Screen Gems “S” shaped logo (known on YouTube as the “S from Hell” logo). Of course, anyone who pops a THX certified DVD in the hi-fi system gets hit with this in the beginning:

Amanda By Night
Amanda By Night(@amanda-by-night)
10 years ago

I think Rizzo scared me a little when I was a kid. She was just TOO cool.

This is a funny traumafession. I agree, it’s really interesting what freaks you out as a kid.

Amanda By Night
Amanda By Night(@amanda-by-night)
10 years ago

Oh, btw Father of Tears, I was always freaked out by the United Artists logo. I think that’s the one where the music is really, really serious and it sets such an ominous tone. It still makes me think I’m going on a little roadtrip to hell.

Brian Katcher
Brian Katcher(@bjkatcher)
10 years ago

I agree, kids can be frightened by the oddest things. Too funny.

10 years ago

that is strange kind of trauma but each trauma is strange for those who are not affected.

David Fullam
David Fullam(@fb1004515993)
10 years ago

Well Grease didn’t freak me out. I just hated it.