Traumafessions :: WB Kelso of Scenes from the Morgue on Conquest of the Planet of the Apes

After taking in a PLANET OF THE APES matinee marathon back in the mid-1970’s that ended with CONQUEST OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, despite Caesar’s assurances that the violence was over I wasn’t buying into that. So, I had seen the HESTON trapped in a madhouse, watched the entire world nuked out of existence, twice, several brutal apeicides, and the fall of man in one siting.

And, to make matters worse, being around four years old at the time, and sufficiently wigged out already, I hadn’t quite grasped the difference between guerrilla fighting and gorilla fighting that they kept talking about on the nightly news broadcasts yet, and so, WALTER CRONKITE had me convinced that General Ursus and Aldo were already massing their troops and the ape revolution had truly begun, and the Earth’s annihilation was imminent, which led to many a sleepless nights until these semantic snafus got cleared up.


WB Kelso

Scenes from the Morgue

UNK SEZ: Thanks WB! Kids, you all know how much your Unk digs movie ad clippings. Well, SCENES FROM THE MORGUE is like a dream come true for folks like me. Stop by the place today and make sure you check out my personal favorite section, FILM INDEX 1980-1989! There’s tons of amazin’ stuff to be found there!

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David Fullam
David Fullam(@fb1004515993)
10 years ago

OMG, all the films back to back on the big screen? Wish I experienced that!

10 years ago

My husband and I just discovered that we BOTH confused “gorilla” with “guerrilla” when we were kids. We should start a support group.

10 years ago

As a kid my dad took me to all sorts of inappropriate movies… Beneath the Planet of the Apes really flipped me out… definitely traumatized for a while by that one. Remains my favorite of the series.

… and yeah, I had that same confusion about guerilla vs. gorilla warfare.

10 years ago

“Conquest” had my trauma: The scene where Caesar is tortured via electrocution to speak. Oh, I too confused “gorilla” with “guerilla” when I was little.

WB Kelso
WB Kelso(@wb-kelso)
10 years ago

*whew* Glad I’m not alone on this whole gorilla guerrilla thing. I actually got to see another Planet of the Apes marathon (all of them this time) a few years later after this, at the Drive-In, a two-screener. The other had a marathon of Biker Flicks, one of them being Werewolves on Wheels. (Still searching for that ad.) Thanks again for the plug, glad you like the ads. A lot more to come.

10 years ago

Propagatrix i also was confused same and i found out difference not so long time ago :d