Traumafessions :: Reader Kahotep on a N.Y.P.D. P.S.A.

Hello, guys, Kahotep here, terrific site, and I’m looking forward to exploring every crook and nanny here, and all this Traumafessin’ has made me remember a Public Service Announcement I saw once or twice late at night growing up in New York. I’m wondering if anyone else remembers it: it’s a face shot of an actor playing a policeman, saying something to the camera along the lines of, “When some of you look at me, you don’t see a person, you see a pig.”

And then his face morphs or dissolves into that of, yes, a pig. I don’t remember much else, but it was in the same style as that Smokey the Bear one where a model unzips her head to reveal the bear underneath.

Good old-fashioned nightmare fuel, that.

Anyway, thanks for listening!


UNK SEZ: Kahotep, I think I know what you are talking about! I remember it being an anti-littering spot. There was this woman’s voice that kept saying, “You’re the one!” as in “You’re the one who throws trash from your car.” Each time she makes an accusation the man turns more and more into pig until finally he was some kind of Dr. Moreau-type pig monster. If it’s the same spot I’m thinking of, I can attest to how disturbing it was. I may have mentioned how I feel about scary pigs once BEFORE.

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aunt john
13 years ago

I always thought this PSA gave pigs a bad name:

12 years ago

I recall seeing this ad as well – it was a national spot. The officer goes through three or four such transformations; I can’t recall what the others were specifically. I want to say that one of them was “Some see a hero,” and his face is blackened with soot and he’s holding a little girl.  But the pig transformation is the real gut-kicker, and that’s definitely the one you remember. It wasn’t some Hollywood make-up conception of what a man-pig would look like – a la “Island of Dr. Moreau” – but it was a PIG;  pale, ugly, the mouth articulating the words. Oh, PSAs of the 60s and 70s – Nightmare Fuel for a lifetime!

12 years ago

I don’t think I saw the pig PSA.  I may have seen the “Smokey the Bear” add as I was about six when it came out.  Perhaps it’s because what came out four years later was so much worse!

Still, when I see Joanna, all I can see is her running through glass in slow motion after being shot by Harrison Ford’s Replicant Hunter in “Blade Runner”.

Derek Obrien
12 years ago

Thanks for posting my ‘fession, and for the responses! I was beginning to think I actually dreamt it. I’m living in England now, but growing up in New York and staying up late, I got to watch lots of that garbage – but also lots of good old movies (I vividly remember setting my alarm for 4 in the morning to see Silent Running when I was nine, because I was intrigued by the entry for it in the TV Guide. Sadly, stations in the UK seem to want to fill the small hours with cheap game show repeats…