Traumafessions :: Reader Kirsty D. on Making Contact (a.k.a. Joey)

are you there carol anne? it's me joey!

I was wondering if there were any traumafessions yet about MAKING CONTACT (a.k.a. JOEY)?

There was just something about that dusty dummy opening its eyes that disturbed me when I saw it as a kid. I remember when I was 13, my parents had my grandparents’ tapes after their house was burned down. We were watching one of the movies, I didn’t know what it was, and it ended up being this movie. I forgot all about it until that scene when the dummy comes to life. At that point I jumped out of my skin.

(AUNT JOHN SEZ: The offending dummy comes in around the 5:35 mark. Also, who’s JOEY‘s interior designer? I want those RETURN OF THE JEDI sheets!)

Then there was this ending which was freaky:

I’ve been having dreams about a giant head, and I think this may have something to do with it. It always disturbed me when the dummy burnt to death at the end too.


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12 years ago

I too wish I could get some SW sheets…mainly the Queen Amidala ones. I had “E.T.” ones, which were good enough. 🙂
The first vid looks very much like “Pod People”. (“Trumpy, you can do STUPID things!”) Only directed by crap auteur Roland Emmerich. Though it makes me think it could be worse…

12 years ago

this movie is SO difficult to get a copy of!