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Reading all the previous entries, I’m REALLY glad my folks were always so careful about what I could and couldn’t watch as a child.

That said, there was one show I stubbornly insisted on watching, because I loved it so much and ‘oh it’s not scary at all!!’–


It aired, as I recall, some time in the ‘90s, so I guess I was about six or seven. For those who have never seen it, it’s about a group of kids that are sometimes contacted by a ghost–a spirit of some kid who died in the 1800’s, I think this was revealed at some point–who writes messages to them that only they can see. How does he do this? Why, by altering text on anything they happen to be looking at, of course! So if they happen to be reading the back of the cereal box at breakfast, suddenly the cheery cartoon is glowing and the letters rearrange themselves to spell anything from ‘Gabby’s in trouble! Find her!’ to ‘Party at Jamal’s!’ With his help and guidance the gang solves mysteries. Cool premise, to a kid’s way of thinking, and I loved it.

There was one specific episode, however, that to this day remains the only thing I can ever recall giving me a nightmare. It dealt with a gang coming into town, taking over some turf the protagonists used as a hangout. This gang was no ordinary gang, however–they wore masks. Big green rubber masks, with horridly-bulging eyes. Shudder. Worse yet, each member wore TWO masks, one on his/her face and the other on the back of their head! At one point Alex, one of the protagonists, decided to join up with the gang to infiltrate them and take them down from within. Part of his joining entailed signing an oath of some sort, and a member offered her back to him as a writing surface, her mask leering down at him all the while. I woke up screaming bloody murder that night, convinced that a dual-headed green-faced monster with bulgy eyes was lurking the closet.

Just thought I’d share. Thanks!

AUNT JOHN SEZ: Well Matthew, thank you for sharing that with us. The episode that terrified you was first show of its first season, and it’s called GHOST STORY. Below are the clips for your viewing pleasure.

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14 years ago

Hey, I loved this show when I was a kid. I don’t remember that gang or ever being scared though. Thanks for the nostalgia! 😀