Traumafessions :: Reader Miriam67 on The Nightmare Before Christmas

It was just this morning that I suddenly remembered something that totally freaked me out as a child. When THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS came out, I was ten. I remember seeing commercials for it on T.V., and there was one commercial that featured the one scene after Jack dresses like Santa and visits all the houses leaving creepy gifts. There’s one boy holding a present and his parents go, “What did Santa bring you, honey?” and he pulls out a scary shrunken head and they scream.

That always totally scared me and it was years before I actually watched the movie. It’s one of my favorites now, go figure. I looked on You Tube and found it. The shrunken head is right at the end, at 1:17. Still gives me a bit of a shiver.

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13 years ago

The first time I saw this movie it somehow failed to impress me  (in my opinion CORPSE BRIDE blows it away) but I remember the commercials and that scene with the shrunken head always cracking me up. I must say the two scenes that most appealed to me were the shrunken head scene and the song where they sing all the terrible things they are gonna do to Santy Claws when they finally catch him!

Now, because my best freind and my daughter are fans of the movie, I find it growing on me. Sitting through repeated viewings will DO that sometimes (although I STILL prefer CORPSE BRIDE)