Traumafessions :: Reader Rita Jean on Dark Night of the Scarecrow


This movie scared the F-ing crap out of me when I was 10.

Hi! My name is Rita Jean from Huntington Beach, Ca. DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW was burned in my memory so badly that I had to get a copy of it somehow to re-watch it as an adult and put my memories of terror to rest. The VHS is very hard (nearly impossible) to get and DVD’s don’t exist although I found a guy on e-Bay that made them. I am now the proud owner of my very own DVD copy. I watched it….. and now I can honestly say that I’ve put my fear of this “film” to rest forever.

This movie was so horribly cheesy and the acting was so bad that I just had to laugh. Even worse is before I made that discovery, I forced my friend to watch it with me (because I was so scared) convincing him it was going to be utterly terrifying. Now he thinks I’m completely retarded.

Subsequently, now my fear of this movie is truly gone forever and I’m not too sure how to feel about that. It’s kinda like losing my virginity all over again.

UNK SEZ:: Thanks Rita Jean, I still get a huge kick out of this movie but then again I’m still a virgin, so don’t go by me! Funny you should mention D.N.O.T.S. (which was supposed to come out on DVD but seems to have met some snags), I was just showing Aunt John the cool image above which is taken from a terrific (nobody says terrific anymore) T-shirt design from the freaky folks at FRIGHT RAGS!

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13 years ago

Who was in the scarecrow, Simple Jack?  That scene made my eyes rain.

Jeff Allard
13 years ago

I’d have to disagree about the acting in this movie. The cast is full of old school pros like Durning and Lane Smith and across the board, everyone delivers strong performances. Is it as scary as it seemed when it first aired back in the day? Not hardly – but that memory is hard to live up to. But I think it’s still a solidly told, creepy little morality tale. Hope we don’t have to wait too much longer for its official DVD release!