Traumafessions :: Reader Rob on Read All About It & Unico

Dear KinderTrauma,

Your site has allowed me to put to rest the last of my kindertrauma. Discovering your April 30, 2009 post on CAPTAIN KANGAROO‘s sketch “Amazing Amy…” I had all but convinced myself that I had made it all up.

Other notable kindertrauma that haunted me until the advent of YouTube:

READ ALL ABOUT IT: This Canadian kids program taught me that if I don’t learn to read I would be trapped in a deadly maze in another dimension.


UNICO: A popular anime from the ’80s staring a tiny unicorn fighting against an abused kids toy gone crazy.

Thanks for the great website!


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12 years ago

Wow! I watched “Read All About It” a couple times in 4th grade. That was back in ’95. I remember really getting into it and our teacher never let us finish it. I can’t remember if this is the same show where a chick that drove a book mobile falls asleep and wakes up in the future where they don’t use books anymore.

unkle lancifer
12 years ago

I can totally see how that wolf with the glasses in “read all about it” would be creepy.

12 years ago

Yup, “Unico” was another Sanrio anime (Hello Kitty and Kiki and Lala aka the Little Twin Stars make cameos), however, I never saw it in my childhood, or even up to this point. (Although YouTube can remedy that.) It was from legendary Manga-ka Osamu Tezuka, who was behind the more successful “Astro Boy”.

Tobias J Bennett
12 years ago

If you mean Lord Kuruku from Unico in the Island of Magic, I so totally am there with you. That damn doll scared the ever-loving s$*@ out of me for years, and what was worse was that his primary minion had MY NAME!


So totally frightening that as a small child I was scared of being turned into a ‘living puppet’ that I slept with the lights on for a while.