Traumafessions :: Reader Samantha P. on Tales From the Crypt, Leprechaun, & The Gate


I’m a big fan of your website and just felt the need to tell you how much I enjoy reading about all the old and/or cheesy horror films I’ve missed out on in my life. There have been many I’ve been interested in watching but no one will watch them with me, imagine that! My only kindertrauma is that I didn’t have much trauma to begin with. The only remotely scary thing for me was the opening of the TALES FROM THE CRYPT T.V. show, the music would send chills down my spine and have me hiding behind the couch until the opening was over. After that, I was fine with watching the show itself, and I have since become a DANNY ELFMAN fan who actually composed the opening music- imagine my surprise when I first discovered that my favourite rock singer created the one television theme music that used to scare the crap outta me! Apart from that, there were a select few R.L. STINE book covers (IE: Twisted) that gave me the creeps, but nothing too serious.

Thanks to my dad who was a huge fan of scary movies, I was desensitized at a young age to scary movies. At age 12-13 I even developed a strange school-girl crush on WARWICK DAVIS’ THE LEPRECHAUN, convinced that I would be able to turn his evil heart and give him the friendship he obviously desperately needed (he was misunderstood after all!)

I just wanted to show some gratification for your site, which also helped me remember/rediscover a movie that I saw only once many years ago and could only remember ONE thing from. THE GATE was somewhat creepy, but the only scene I ever remembered was a kid having an eye in the middle of his palm and he had to stab it out with a piece of broken glass. Thanks to you guys, I can add the movie to my Netflix queue and relive the cheesy, kid-targeted horror that once intrigued me so long ago.

Thanks, Kindertrauma!

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Meep Parker
14 years ago

Ah, Warwick Davis. I’d have him over to dinner. I’d have him over to tea.

The Gate is a pretty fun little movie. They effects are pretty great especially considering the budget. Showtime has actually been playing this in HD on cable recently and the movie really holds up on all fronts.

Amanda Mullins
Amanda Mullins
5 years ago

I had a crush on Beetlejuice when I was five xD.

I also had a crush on a Warwick Davis character as a child, but it wasn’t the Leprechaun. It was Willow.