Traumafessions:: Reader Todd K. on The X-files “Home”



When I was little, I was allowed to watch the X-files with the rest of my older brothers and sisters because my parents considered it a good show. Sometimes it was scary, but most of the time I had no idea what was going on. One episode that changed my life forever was called “Home” from the 4th season. I just got it on DVD. The episode is about a family of inbred mutants called the Peacocks and it scared me so bad that I spent most of the show hiding behind my older sister. The mother of the Peacock family lived under a bed, so it was easy for me to imagine her under mine after the lights went out. These days it’s an on going joke in my family to say, “Don’t let the Peacocks bite” before going to sleep. This was pretty funny to a friend of mine when he was staying over because he thought we were talking about the birds until I explained it to him. It turned out he was scared of that episode too.

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15 years ago

“Home” is one of the best things that ever showed on the teevee. “Wonderful, Wonderful” was a little too precious, tho.