Traumafessions :: Reader Tracy V. on Ovions

Although the Cylons have made your Official Traumatizer list, they’re not what gave me the heebie jeebies. In the 1978 movie, the Galactica crew and assorted refugees stop off at a supposedly friendly planet. But, no, the aliens aren’t friendly–they want to EAT the Earthlings! The scene that freaked me out involved the discovery that the aliens were stuffing the humans into glass fronted drawers, covering them with cobwebs, and digesting them. My aunt took my cousin and me to see the movie, and I was supposed to spend the night at their house, but the dessicated, cobwebby corpses so frightened me that I had my mom come and take me home.

UNKLE LANCIFER SEZ: Tracy, you are correct to be afraid of those nasty Ovions. At least Cylons are absolutely clear about their intentions (when they’re not pretending they want peace whilst implementing a holocaust), Ovions on the other hand are downright sneaky. First they set up a gambling joint where you can’t loose, then they provide you with awesome entertainment in the form of singers with four eyes and two mouths and then, when you’re all relaxed and fattened, they nab you in the elevator and turn you into baby Ovion food! Give me a straightforward Cylon any day over those two-faced, backstabbing rat finks! (They are very good harp players though!)

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sbd (@sbd)
13 years ago

I had never noticed that the Ovions raised their young ‘uns in a Japanese hotel!  Honestly, I ate up every bit of BG with a spoon – no fear, it was all just cool.  I was just happy there was no Twiki.

OberstKurt (@oberstkurt)
13 years ago

The Ovions!  I was a huge Battlestar Galactica fan back in the day.  I didn’t find them that scary…the whole series was too campy (in retrospect) to be frightening, and, as Unkle Lancifer has pointed out, there was much ripping-off of Star Wars.  I found the multi-mouthed singer-babes scarier!  Anyway, I was too fixated on Maren Jensen (Athena) to notice much else!