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Traumafessions :: Reader wellyousaythat on British Public Information Films

February 12th, 2011 by aunt john · 2 Comments

I was frightened by the old British Public Information films of the seventies. They told of a world where not only stepping out of the front door meant entering a world of danger, but they emphasised that staying in could lead to electrocution, sudden death by slipping and that frankly it wasn’t worth getting out of bed in case you died.



AUNT JOHN SEZ: To read more by wellyousaythat on British Public Information films, be sure to check out his blog posting HERE.

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Antaeus Feldspar
Antaeus Feldspar
9 years ago

Boy howdy! Those British PIFs are scary shit! You wanna know how scary they are? Sometimes the one called Apaches, which is about all the many ways there are for children to die on a farm, keeps me from sleeping at night. I’ve never seen the actual film in my life. Just the recap of the film is enough to give me insomniac terror.

9 years ago

Agreed, they really knew how to scare the hell out of people with those things. I think the one with Donald Pleasance as death was particularly frightening. Or the really surreal one with the kids in a race across railroad tracks. Odd, odd stuff