Traumafessions:: Xminus1 on The Baby From Outer Space

I thought for years I was making this up but there was a really weird short film on nickelodeon years ago called The Baby From Outer Space. This one freaked me out and has stayed with me throughout the years. I have no idea how this got past the censors at the time. This short is really weird.
The short was uploaded to youtube and it is the only copy of it I have seen anywhere. That smiley face is just pure evil. Check this one out

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6 months ago

There is a YouTube user named “poparena” who has been creating a great series of video essays on (almost) every Nickelodeon program, from the beginning. Each video runs at least 20 minutes, often much longer, and discusses every show in exacting detail. It’s great nostalgia viewing. They haven’t reached “Baby from Outer Space” yet, but they might eventually.

5 months ago

Good God man! I am definitely more insane that I was before I watched that. I can’t …. just …. wow.