You Can’t Stop Freddy Downer!

You want to have a blast, revisit fun from your past, but along comes Freddy Downer
Directed by a music video hack, every time he speaks you take a micro-nap
You’ll beg, you’ll plead no more CGI crap!
But you can’t stop Freddy Downer!

Did you know that after seventy hours of staying awake that insomniacs will begin to experience micro-naps? It’s true, it means you’re dreaming but you don’t know it… even if you’re awake…BWAH-BWAH!

Did you know that the brain keeps working for seven minutes after the body dies? It’s true. I guess that means I still have about six minutes to keep talking…BWAH-BWAH!

Did you know that in the early eighties hundreds of lives were destroyed because of false accusations of child sexual abuse? The McMartin Preschool trial for example, lasted seven years, cost 15 million dollars and produced zero convictions. Many people compare the hysteria, which included allegations of satanic ritual abuse and testimony that claimed that the accused could fly, to the Salem WitchTrials.

I too was falsely accused but I never got a trial, instead, I was burned alive by an angry mob of parents…just kidding, I really AM a child molester…BWAH-BWAH!

Did you know that a sequel for 2010’s NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET is in the works? Yep, it’s going to be presented in state of the art 3-D…BWAH-BWAH!

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Andre Dumas
12 years ago

Ahahahaha oh my god…YES!

12 years ago

This is great, but tell me you’re kidding about a sequel to ANOES 2010 being in the works.

Maybe they instead of 3D they should try that new experimental process called Write-A-Good-Screenplay-O-Rama.