Kinder-News:: Suck and Moan!

Kinderpal and noted handsome cat JOEL BRYANT, star of the film BABY BLUES, has alerted us to a brand new web series that he’s got his paws in called SUCK AND MOAN (not to be confused with the film of the same name that Aunt John starred in to pay for his textbooks books back in college.)

SUCK AND MOAN (yay, that title should bring us a bunch of Google hits!) chronicles the misadventures of a group of vampires that find their food source dwindling when a zombie outbreak sweeps the globe. If we know our JOEL this series is going to be a hoot and a half and then another half, so really two hoots.

Ever spend hours and hours staring off into space trying to decide between watching a vampire flick or a zombie movie? Snap out of it and reclaim your life with the one stop shopping of SUCK AND MOAN!

Check out the trailer below (which guarantees vampires with zero sparkles) and then read more about the series on its official site HERE.

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aunt john
13 years ago

For the record, I was young and needed that chemistry book.

13 years ago

Boy….you guys really know how to make a fellas day!  Thanks for posting “S&M” on your site!  Er….”Suck And Moan.”
Hunh.  Nope, no matter how you say it, it sounds dirty…..and I like it!
PS.  And THAT’S why I didn’t take Chemistry in college, Aunt John!
Hope you get a kick out of “SAM!”