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Name That Trauma :: Reader Ian C. on Hunted Housemates

May 20th, 2010 by aunt john · 3 Comments


I’m really hoping your very excellent site can help me find this movie. I believe it’s a horror film from either the ‘80s or early ‘90s (possibly late ‘70s but doubtful). My memory of it is vague and incomplete, but I remember certain parts of it.

I believe it takes place mostly (or at least it reaches its climax) in a nice, suburban-ish house, where a family or group of people resides. The movie features multiple killers, who are creepy (demented in some way), but I don’t think they are supernatural or anything.

There are two scenes that stand out for me: one is a scene in a bedroom where a couple are in bed, possibly after having sex, and one of them is stabbed from under the bed by a killer, while another killer is in the closet. The other scene takes place outside the house at night, immediately outside the house, where a man (I think a plain-clothes police officer or some sort of authority figure) is shot with an arrow by one of the killers and I believe stuck to a tree, while the family/group of people watches fearfully from inside. I think the climax of the movie occurs soon after that scene, and while I’m not totally sure about this I think there’s a fire and/or explosion in the house.

That’s all the information I can recall, and I hope it’s enough. I have been trying to remember the name of this movie for the longest time. It is definitely a kindertrauma for me. Your help is much appreciated.


UPDATE: NAME THAT TRAUMA SOLVED! Special thanks to lottie_of_millhaven for knowing that this comes from ALONE IN THE DARK.

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10 years ago

Is it possibly Jack Shoulder’s clever 1982 slasher “Alone in the Dark”?

10 years ago

I was thinking Alone In The Dark also.  I’ve only seen it once, so I’m not positive…But consider this vote #2 for that one.

unkle lancifer
10 years ago

Ah yes, Alone in the dark makes perfect sense!!! Here I was thinking maybe it was the dark power…you guys are so smart.