Sunday Viewing:: Doom Asylum (1987)

If you’ve been a nice person lately then you deserve to watch DOOM ASYLUM (1987) and if you’ve been an awful person then I’m afraid you deserve to watch it even more. DOOM ASYLUM was directed by a fine fellow named RICHARD FRIEDMAN who also gifted us with such treats as PHANTOM OF THE MALL: ERIC’S REVENGE and multiple episodes of both TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE and FRIDAY THE 13th:THE SERIES! YAY! Yep, I’m sure everybody will enjoy watching this, everyone except TV’s KRISTIN DAVIS who was tricked into thinking she won the role of “Simon” in a live action CHIPMUNKS movie! Sorry, KRISTIN, that was a cruel prank but it’s been years; it’s time to drop the grudge and move on!

Horror Legend Birthday Bash!

This past week saw the birthdays of the great PETER CUSHING (5/26) and our good pals CHRISTOPHER LEE and VINCENT PRICE (both 5/27) so let’s send some gratitude toward the horrific trio by honoring them with today’s Funhouse puzzle! There are ten poster scraps below, connect each number with the initials of the star of the movie! Does the # = PC, CL or VP? Keep in mind there may be multiple initials for each poster number! Good luck!

Traumafession:: Tenshi on Sesame Street’s Trippy Lost Boy Toon

OK, just to start things off…

Why are these on your site?

Now to the main portion.

I saw the Crack Monster and the Courage episode already. (OH PLEASE USE THE ROMY & ROACH IMAGE AGAIN!) but there was another Sesame animation that freaked me out.

There was this boy who got lost, okay? And he passes by all these things that look like something straight out of Pepperland. Then he FINALLY finds out he’s lost, and this weird guy with a yo-yo appears and tells him to make the first thing he passed the last. That’s how the boy got home.

What the hell, PBS? Why would you air that?

Surprisingly enough, the day I watched it again, right after I saw it, I discovered the Crack Monster cartoon had been found.

Oh, and that anti-heroin toy monkey PSA. THAT USED TO SCARE THE CELESTIAL OUT OF ME!

Speaking to you from Bhava-Agra,


UNK SEZ: Thanks for the delicious traumafession, Tenshi! I remember that psychedelic SESAME STREET short all too well! To answer your first question, SNOOPY COME HOME is represented on our sidebar thanks to this horrifying scene….

And ANNIE is included because ANN REINKING is secretly Satan as is proven by this slice of spazzy Hell…

Name That Trauma:: Jason From Brazil on an Actress Tormented by a Fire Scarred Former Friend

Hello from Brazil! My name is Jason and I’m a big fan of your site.

First of all, sorry for my bad English.

Well, there’s this movie ( I guess I watched it around 1994) and I can’t remember many details about it, but here goes the “main details”. Basically, it’s about an actress (I’m not sure if she’s a movie star or a TV actress) and the mysterious murders/bad things that happen to her and to the ones closer to her.

By the end of the movie, we learn that one of the women from the make up/fx crew is the muderer: she’s revealed as a girl from the main actress’ past; she tried to ruin her birthday party (when they were kids) and was severely burned when her hair caught on fire as she got too close to the candles. So, years later, she used her skills to disguise herself and to get close to the actress and ruin her life.

I guess this is it… Maybe some of these details are off, but I’ve only watched it once in 20 years! LOL.

Thank you very much. I hope you can help me!

Name That Trauma:: Hailey on a Cartoon Thunderclap Drug PSA

Hey guys. You are so awesome, been readin’ you for years, mate. Anyways, I want to see if you can identify something that scared the living daylights outta me as a young’un. Here we go.

It was a PSA, and it aired around the early 1970s, if I believe. It opened with live-action kids looking at drugs of some sort. A thunderclap sounded, lightning crashed, and the live-action turned to cartoon. The children were sent flying through a Yellow Submarine/The Wall reject, with puppets (think Sid & Marty Krofft-style) singing (rapping?) in rhyming iambic trimeter about not using drugs, or else it would ruin their lives. A thunder and lightning crash later, it went back to live-action, and the kids knew not to do drugs. It ended with a black screen with white text along the lines of “it’s about time you say no”.

I lived in Cincinatti, although I think this was broadcast in other states. I remember one of the kids was a girl who looked like the one in the infamous “Cracks” Sesame Street short. The music was an eerie Moog synthesizer and lots of synth sound effects. And, of course, there was Scanimate.

Please help me with this. I’m beginning to think I made it up.

Name That Trauma:: Derek on Torturers Praying in a Castle Window

Hey, I love your site so much. So much. Only you and your readers can help.

What I remember was seen on television in 1974. It may have been a show or a movie. I don’t remember color or black and white.

There was a castle with a torture chamber. A man and a woman were torturing a woman; she was chained up standing and there might have been the hint of a brand? It was all a lot of implication and creative edits.

Finally they killed her, and went to the window. There the man and the woman prayed to God to forgive them for being such jerks. I doubt they got it, as they weren’t the heroes of the movie.

If any traumateers can help, I would be sorely grateful!


Sunday Streaming :: Neon Maniacs (1986)

It’s so nice outside that I must recommend we destroy the beauty and promise of this day by painting our windows black and staying inside to watch NEON MANIACS (1986)! NEON MANIACS presents a universe superior to our own, so let’s say we travel there and then stay there forever! Read a crusty, old moth-chewed review HERE and watch the splendidness below! Yay!

Name That Trauma:: Steven V. on a Wind-Up Killer Robot

There was a film that’s opening so terrified me as a child that I could even get past the opening credits. I have searched, googled and asked people about it for yers, but NO-ONE I talk to in my age group (45) remembers anything remotely similar.

I remember it being a B&W movie (not a Twilight Zone or Outer Limits episode), but it very well could have been a muted color on TV. A housewife comes home at night and pulls into the driveway, then it cuts to a walking wind up toy robot with that winding sound, then she gets into the garage, cut to the walking wind up toy robot, she gets out bags, walking wind up toy robot and this back and forth goes on a bit, when she finally gets into the house the screen goes black and you hear her scream and then the movie title…

That is about all I can remember, but I would love to see it again and watch it all the way through, even though I have a phobia of small inanimate objects like dolls (Zuni Dolls in particular) coming to life!

Thanks for any help!

Sunday Punishment For Not Seeing Mad Max: Fury Road :: Solarbabies (1986)

There are an infinite amount of realities occurring at the same time. Somehow I’m trapped in a reality where PITCH PERFECT 2 trounced MAD MAX: FURY ROAD at the box office. I’m so ashamed of my country right now. Oh well, let’s make this a teachable moment and focus on the fact that financial success does not constitute quality and that sometimes you have to forgo popularity to remain awesome as hell. Still, it’s a world gone mad in my opinion and not mad in a good way and that’s why I think everybody who didn’t go see MAD MAX: FURY ROAD should stand up and be accountable and willingly subject themselves to the abject atrociousness that is SOLARBABIES. I know it’s harsh but how else will you learn?