Kindertrauma Rewind:: For The Love of:: The Boogens!

Hey! I’m looking out my window and it looks very much like BOOGENS weather to me! Let’s jump into the rewind machine and travel back a couple years to when yours truly and our old pal Amanda (of MADE FOR TV MAYHEM fame) celebrated the rarely celebrated enough, early eighties, cabin-set, winter monster party, THE BOOGENS (1981)! Sure, this is obviously a low effort stopgap between Funhouse posts, but that shouldn’t stop you from clicking right HERE and seeing even more pictures of the adorable BOOGENS doggy costar Tiger! He cute!

Name That Trauma:: Isaura on a Roadside Puppy Trap

Hey, I’m looking for a horror movie, i think its from 2000+ , 

It’s about a couple (boy girl) that are driving in the car and they see a ‘free puppy’ sign or road sign.. once they arrive there, there’s a truck with 2 guys and 1 of them lures the woman to the trunk to ‘look at the puppies’ and drags her in the trunk. The boy gets held at gunpoint. One guy drives the couples car to a remote place while the other guy drives there with the couple in the car. Once they arrive there, they give the boy a gun and tell him to shoot himself in the head if he wants to save his girlfriend from being raped etc. Once he pulls the trigger there are no bullets in the gun..

I hope u can help me to find the movie title, thanks in advance.

Name That Trauma:: Werewoof of London on a Twilight Zone Magazine Story

Back in the mid-80’s my parents would bring us kids along when they would hang out at their friend’s house.  This friend had an EXTENSIVE horror and science fiction library, and I spent every hour over there reading all the Stephen King, Clive Barker, Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Magazines that I could get my hands on. It was in one of those Twilight Zone Magazines that I recall reading a story that I have wanted to re-read for years, as it freaked me out so much as a kid.

But, of course, I cannot find anything on this short story anywhere online…
The few details I do remember is that it was about a man who was staying in a stone cottage by the sea (maybe at the top of a cliff?) and for whatever reason, he ignores warnings to not do something or other, and winds up awakening some large stones that are sticking out from the sea, and during the night, he can hear them making their way up the path to his house, and they end up (I think) melting into the house, and engulfing him as well. I think the stones may have been referred to as The 3 Sisters? 

I know it’s not a movie or TV horror, but I’m hoping someone can help!