Five Underrated Flicks By Kevin of House of Mysterious Secrets

1. Messiah of Evil

2. Let’s Scare Jessica to Death

3. Night Warning

4. Knightriders

5. Phase IV

UNK SEZ: Thanks Kevin! Those are all excellent picks! Kinderfolk, the holiday is looming closer! Make sure you stop by HOUSE OF MYSTERIOUS SECRETS to take care of all of your horror shopping needs (especially if I’m on your list)! And why not “like” HOMS on Facebook HERE!?

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8 years ago

Ha! Joy Bang mistaken for Frances McDormand. I never thought of that. Now that it’s mentioned they do look alike! Oh, don’t forget Anitra Ford of 1970’s “The Price is Right” fame becoming the main course in a supermarket:

I guess she was never told NOT to accept rides from strangers!

8 years ago

Lets Scare Jessica to Death has been one of my favorite horror flicks since first catching it in the early 80s. Great story, atmosphere and music. It easily remains in my top ten horror.