It’s a Horror to know You:: Eric Weber of Yeti Hideout!

It’s a Horror to Know You: Eric Weber of Yeti Hideout!

What is the first film that ever scared you?

That would have to be Flash Gordon (1980). There are so many images in the film that can upset a six-year old brain. Where do I start? You have ugly, bug-eyed lizard people, a terrifying brainwashing session, a woman melting into a puddle of black goo and a tree stump ritual where men are forced to stick their arms inside and hope to avoid being stung by the creature stirring inside. Those are only a few examples.

The worst moment is the demise of Klytus, Ming the Merciless’ gold-masked henchman. Flash throws him onto a floor of knives, which results in a disgusting close-up of Klytus’ mask with his eyes and tongue oozing out. I can recall seeing this image on the theater screen and throwing my hands to my face in total shock. That image has never left my mind and continued to haunt me for many years after…not unlike a similar movie-going experience I related HERE.

What is the last film that scared you?

Images (1972) – Though it isn’t considered an official contribution to the genre, I think that this movie is the closest that director Robert Altman came to making a full-fledged horror film (with 3 Women from 1977 coming a close second). There is a pronounced feeling of true dread throughout the whole piece and the eerie, nerve-jangling and often experimental soundtrack by John Williams and Stomu Yamashta is unforgettable (I highly recommend seeking out the album for your collection).

It includes a great performance by Susannah York (which is alternately funny, sexy, insane, ugly and beautiful), a creepy and desolate Irish setting and some subtle, unsettling moments that will really stick with you. It would make a great double feature with Let’s Scare Jessica to Death (1971).

Name three horror movies that you believe are underrated.

Sole Survivor (1983) – I don’t hear this film discussed very much. A woman survives a plane crash and finds herself being pursued by odd, silent strangers. Definitely influenced by Carnival of Souls. There are some scenes that I have never forgotten.

Sonny Boy (1989) – This one is really unique. Sort of a mix of Pink Flamingos and Unleashed, a bizarre family kidnap a baby and raise it as an animal (which they turn loose on people they don’t like). Starring David Carradine in a female role (it’s never discussed whether Pearl is transgendered or an authentic female) and an amazing cast of character actors, including Paul Smith (as Pearl’s husband!), Brad Dourif, Sydney Lassick and many more.

Stage Fright (1987) – I had a lot of fun watching this. It’s really mean-spirited and the gimmick of the killer wearing an owl mask is pretty memorable. I love the cat!

Name three horror movies that you enjoy against your better judgment.

Mountaintop Motel Massacre (1986) – I’m not sure why I like this as much as I do, but I revisit it frequently and enjoy it each time. Sure, it’s not great…and it’s pretty boring, but there are some scenes in it that really make me laugh. My favorite part is when Evelyn unleashes a jar of cockroaches into a tenant’s room and the guy doesn’t even seem bothered by them.

Nail Gun Massacre (1985) – I was kind of mesmerized by this. The killer looks pretty great and there is a brief bit with a white trash mom and her baby sitting in a cardboard box that inspired me to do a painting!

National Lampoon’s Class Reunion (1982) – Anyone under the age of thirty would probably consider this unwatchable, but this is a funny spoof of slasher movies with a great cast. The killer’s costume is pretty incredible and Zane Buzby has the role of a lifetime as the demonically possessed Delores Salk. Anne Ramsey also has a great bit as the school cook who has a memorable showdown with the killer.

Send us to five places on the Internet! – An extensively researched website that is the ultimate guide for interactive fiction, i.e Choose Your Own Adventure. The site has a lot of great information and scans of all those great covers like The Cave of Time, The Mystery of Chimney Rock, etc. – The official site for everything Edward Gorey. He is truly missed. – My partner’s blog which includes scans of vintage magazines, fun topics such as a countdown on the cutest guys from the Friday the 13th films and impressive, home-made video homages. – The official website of my friend, actress Susan Tyrrell, who passed away in June of 2012. I corresponded with her for over ten years and I think about her everyday. An amazing and truly original person. – An amazing website that showcases unusual collections of antiques, oddities, etc. Runs the gamut from Mexican B-movie posters to the abandoned suitcases of insane asylum patients. A must.

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Eric Weber
9 years ago

Thanks for posting this! It was a lot of fun to write down all of these thoughts.

Susan was great and a lot of laughs as you can imagine.

I’m not sure if Sonny Boy will ever see the light of day as a DVD – I think there are issues with rights, but we can hope! I’d love to see it widescreen. Plus more people need to see it!

9 years ago

that Sole Survivor film sounded good, except the mention of Carnival of Souls which made me think you might have given away the ending…