Jury Duty:: Psychophobia!

UNK SEZ: Can you believe I have to go to jury duty today? If you were an innocent person would you want me deciding your fate? If what I’ve learned from a zillion sitcoms is true, this could last all day. Worse yet, I have not finished any of the posts I was working on and now you dear reader are screwed and left empty handed. But wait! I wouldn’t do that to you! I’m going to leave you with the horrifying chiller PSYCHOPHOBIA! This movie has the worst (meaning best) dubbing you will ever hear and it is sure to make you as happy as a not very terrified clam! Take care, be good and jump over HERE!!

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9 years ago

Damn Unk, where did you get my wedding picture? 😉

I’ve managed to weasel out of jury duty for 8 years, I’ll gladly spill my secrets…….for a price BWAHAHAHA!

Jami JoAnne Russell
9 years ago

Secrets? Just get a doctor to write you a note. I’ve been getting out of jury duty for years on medical reasons.